Full Colour Fantasy Incoming!

Its been awhile since we last did a blog post but boy do we have a good one for you!

Full Colour Fantasy

Full Colour Fantasy is our new range that will be focused on in our new up-and-coming products aimed at fantasy role-playing and war-games. 

This will include several old and new products, revised into new lines for either role-playing or war-gaming. We have already revealed a few of the products that will be featured in this line such as the creepy spiders and gnarly rats which are full colour, MDF flats, and the stunning shields that will be coming very soon!


While war-gaming has been the centre of attention for a while for Flatpack Forces, we have decided to expand into the heroic world of role-play! As mentioned before this will come under the Full Colour Fantasy range, we will be making and reworking our old kits towards this purpose.

There will be something very cool coming soon for role-play that is unlike anything we have offered before, so stay tuned for more info and releases.



Even though we are making a move towards fantasy role-play, war-gamers haven't been forgotten! The shields that we posted to Facebook and shown as the image to this blog post are due to come very soon. These shields are perfect to kit out your models with the protection they need to get stuck into battle!

Not only do we have the round shields that have been featured, we have round and kite shields coming to Kickstarter very soon so keep watching for updates on those, we also have Roman scutum coming to our web-store. These are fully curved shields and look amazing! Oval shields will be released later for Rome's Auxiliary core and their enemy's, allowing you to fully kit out your ancients with the protection they need. 

We are really excited to let you guys get your hands on all of our shield lines and will have even more in store when it comes to the designs so more information to come on that soon!


With all these awesome releases we are really looking forward to producing and expanding our ranges with these focus products, both in Full Colour Fantasy and with our shield line.

The introduction of fantasy role-play gaming products has been an idea that we have wanted to commit to for a while. We are going to produce new kits designed around it and are perfect for both old and new players. This will have new products that will be shown in the near future so stay tuned for that!

The shield line will be released before this new move, as war-gaming is still a huge part of both Flatpack Forces and the Full Colour Fantasy range, and while we may be modifying existing and new kits. These will be available still as unit packs to make great additions to your armies.

A lot will be happening soon for Flatpack Forces so please keep updated on both our store and Facebook page with all our future updates!