Shields on the Way!

While we have mentioned our new shields in our latest blog post, there is a lot more to say about them as the release date draws ever closer!

Roman Shields

Starting with the first line to be released, we are ready to announce the Roman scutum shields on the 4th of September. This shield line will be priced at £5.90 and will come in a set of eight like all of our future shield lines.

With the Roman scutums, they will have the option to choose from several of our own designs with overlays for mud, blood, damage and wood lines on the shield itself. These include different designs for different legions allowing you to fit them nicely on existing models.

While the scutums are the first line for Rome they will not be the last! Auxiliary, late Roman and enemies of Rome shields are on the way soon!


Talking about the other shield designs, including the ones that we have shown on the Facebook page, that include the round, kite plus others, will be launched as part of a Kickstarter that will be coming soon. 

These shields also have different designs to the roman shields that are both fantasy and historical based allowing you to customise them depending on both your army and preferred rule sets. They also come with the customisation tools that will appear on the roman shields such as the damage and blood stains.

The Kickstarter will have more details when it is announced officially so stay tuned for more updates.


The shield lines that are coming are probably the most ambitious project that we've undertaken with amazing customisation options that give a distinct feel to any model they're applied to. 

The Roman scutum release on the 4th of September will give you a clearer idea of what we are offering in the Kickstarter and honestly we carn't wait to get them out there.

Please stay tuned to the Facebook page and to the news page on our site for future updates.