So Many Games, So Little Time!

I have had a passion for wargaming ever since I was old enough to remember. Admittedly in those days I didn’t know it was called wargaming but that is what it was. I had hundreds, probably thousands of of the 1/72 Airfix plastics (20mm hadn’t been invented back then). My big legions of Romans vs Ancient Brits or Napoleon vs Wellington and even D-Day were replayed over and over again on my bedroom floor. Sure there were the 1/32 bigger soldiers but they took up far too much space and I wanted to see the massed ranks laid out in all their glory.

On the table

Time has moved on and we now live in a world where 28mm dominates the scene and the detail on the models we have now make those from my youth seem like they were carved in the dark with a penknife. Then we have the battlefields themselves, neoprene printed instant battlegrounds populated by the increasingly present and varied MDF buildings, horsehair trees and hedgerows that run alongside roads increasing the joy of the game. One could think that we live in a golden age or do we?

Unfortunately there is a rather large elephant in the room, except for the neoprene battle mats and trees/bushes all this stuff is very far from battle ready when you buy it. Plastics need clipping, gluing together, basing and painting. Metals are not far behind in the work stakes and if they have multiple pieces the gluing can be a bit tricky. MDF mostly comes in a rather raw state and all of it needs to be glued together.

Just the painting is a world of it’s own these days. The level of detail on the models seems to demand an equivalent level of detail in the painting however not everyone has the time, skill or patience to devote to this. This is a big problem as these days we could easily call ourselves warmodellers than wargamers, indeed there is one person I know who is a massively prolific painter and he reckons on getting in two games a year!

Whilst I understand that there is satisfaction to be had from the hobby side of things it is not for everyone and has certainly prevented me from playing some of the games requiring a lot of figures and this is a real shame as I really, really want to.

That’s where Flat Pack Forces comes in.

Pre cut and fully coloured miniatures and scenery that pops out battle ready and then packs away flat when you are done.

  • Complete armies, ready for battle
  • Scenery and buildings fully coloured
  • Packs away flat and safely when you are done
  • No painting, easy storage, ready to go