Dragon Rampant Battle Set
Dragon Rampant Battle Set

Dragon Rampant Battle Set

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Will the noble born elves keep the undead hordes from overrunning the their lands or will the evil necromancer triumph? The answer is in your hands.

Easy to pop out and set up you can get playing within half an hour. These miniatures from One Monk are wonderfully colourful and can form the basis of collecting further units for Dragon Rampant or any other game including RPG.

If you want use this set here is our roster sheet to get you going. 

The set consists of


Prince on foot

12 Archers including Command

12 Spearmen with Shield including Command

6 Castillian Knights with Lance

6 Light cavalry



3 Wraiths

12 Skeletons with Spears including command

12 Skeleton archers including command

12 Skeletons with sword and shield including command

If you also need the rules then add on the Dragon Rampant rulebook for an additional £10!